A lot of the things you see about finishing basements can be adding a theater or doing an in-law suite for your home. Maybe you have even seen something about a game room for the kids. If you want to have unique space, designed for you, here are some ideas that will give you practical uses for your basement remodeling project:

1. Add a Wine Cellar or Make a Two-floor Pantry

When thinking of basement remodeling, you may not be thinking about the kitchen on the main floor. If you have a large pantry, you may want to consider expanding it to include a cellar. You can add a trap-door and a narrow staircase to take you to a hidden cellar in your basement. This can be a great place for storing wines and non-perishable foods. If you want an easy way to move things from the cellar to your kitchen pantry, you can have a dumbwaiter installed in the cabinets.

2. Create an All-season Area for Your Pool

If you want to have a pool, sometimes the space in your basement may be overlooked. This can be a great area to add a small lap-pool for your home, as well as other features to enjoy a relaxing swim. You may want to consider having features like hot tubs installed inside the basement near the pool. Glass and windows can be used to separate the indoor bring light in from the outdoors.  If your basement as area that is at ground level, you may want to consider a glass enclosure to combine the indoors with the outdoors.

3. Turn Your Basement Into a Personal Indoor Spa Area

Giving your basement a pool area can be fun, but you may want to have something more relaxing. You may want to only use part of this space for unique features. A small indoor spa can give you a relaxing area to enjoy. This can include a hot tub, sauna and other features to give you a secluded cave to relax in after a hard day at work. For these features, you may want to give the spa area a wood finish to complete the atmosphere. Lighting can also be a good addition to an indoor space. You will want to make sure that these areas have good ventilation and drainage.

These are some practical basement remodeling ideas to do when your remodel your basement. If you are ready to give your home a unique basement, contact a home renovation service such as Klopp Construction Ltd to help with the design of your basement.