Any office renovation comes with a ton of considerations. It doesn't matter if it's your first renovation or your fifth complete overhaul; you still have to ask yourself the same questions. The most important question has to do with your intentions.

Why Is Your Renovation Necessary?

When you do an office renovation, you run the risk of upsetting the balance of your business in profound ways. That's why you need to ponder this question to start with. Once you answer this, you can figure out the rest.

Because it's an investment - A completely aesthetic renovation can improve the mood of your office environment, but it's not always necessary. Your renovation will cost time and money.

In short, it's an investment and you should treat it as one, even if it's only a tiny renovation. You shouldn't enter such an investment if you don't expect a nice return.

Because you need more form and function - Even if you want to spruce the place up to make it look more appealing, you should always think about functionality as well.

For example, you may want to tear down walls and consolidate a few areas. If your reason for this is to let the light from the oversized windows reach further into the space, that's fine.

But you should also consider it an opportunity to figure out how to best utilise that new space to your and your company's advantage. Maybe unifying the space will allow you to lower the cubicle walls to foster more open communication between people out on the floor. That's a win-win situation.

  • You get the aesthetic aspect
  • You get to build closer interoffice relationships
  • You also get to save money on utility bills

That utility saving comes from utilising more of the natural daylight coming in through the windows. Also, you're using a natural feature of your building with your windows.

But Was It Necessary to Do Those Things?

A lot of that should have to do with your office culture. Are employees having trouble communicating with each other? Are you paying too much in utility costs to keep the further reaches of the space lit? Did you think the space just looked drab in those harsh overhead lights?

See how you can consolidate many ideas into one vision? That's how you're supposed to approach your office renovations. You can have your form and your function, but it all has to make sense as an investment.

The example listed here is just a small change. Larger changes require more questions. But they all start with that initial question. Even as you extrapolate that question out into more questions, you should consult with a professional office construction contractor such as the WDI Group in Hamilton. They can help you figure out which of your ideas may work best for you.